Causes of moustache hair loss and its ayurvedic treatment

moustache hairloss treatment ayurvedic

Your crowning beauty may be a pain at times, particularly when it begins to thin. Watching thin strands and clutches of tangled hair in brushes might cause us to lose sleep. According to experts, unending hair loss may be incredibly unpleasant for us and have a negative psychological influence on our general well-being. One of the most common causes of low self-esteem is hair loss. Our present frantic lifestyle, pollution, and tainted hair care products are the primary culprits.

When most people hear the word “hair loss,” they envision thinning hair on the crown of the head but they don’t think about moustache hair loss as they consider only the balding of head not moustache. People with alopecia Universalis, on the other hand, lose all of their hair, not just the hair on their heads.

While the market is flooded with hair fall control solutions, not all of them can provide flawless protection against hair loss. Furthermore, specialists warn that dangerous chemicals in such cosmetics might further damage our hair. It is critical to get rid of chemically-laced hair products.

So, what may be a safe substitute for chemical-laden anti-hair fall products? Ayurveda, on the other hand, maybe relied on to combat hair loss. The world’s oldest medical system provides a wealth of medicinal cures as well as a lifestyle and wellness regimen to minimize hair loss. Ayurveda‘s main goal is to not only heal but also avoid diseases.

Many men have irregular hair development or no hair in locations like the chest, beard, and mustache, which is caused by poor blood circulation and the liver and pancreas not working properly.

Alopecia is a medical term that refers to hair loss. Alopecia Universalis causes complete hair loss, including body hair, facial hair, brows and eyelashes, and hair on the head. Ayurveda recommends a few home-cooked dishes and yoga asanas to treat this problem in males. However, new therapies may be beneficial in regrowing hair in certain people. Those experiencing hair loss may discover that mental and emotional assistance is very beneficial in enhancing their quality of life.


Alopecia Universalis is assumed to be a more advanced variant of the disorder alopecia areata. Alopecia Universalis, according to researchers, is an immune system illness in which the body’s immune system wrongly assaults hair follicles. This assault causes hair loss.


The immune system, though, may not be the main cause of alopecia Universalis. Alopecia areata can be inherited. However, unlike many hereditary illnesses, both parents must contribute certain genes for their offspring to inherit alopecia areata.

This is referred to as a polygenic disorder, which translates as “many genes.” Many persons with any kind of alopecia areata, including alopecia Universalis, will not pass the problem on to their offspring since it takes genes from both parents.


The environment may also be a factor. Identical twins are only affected by alopecia areata around half of the time. This shows that the environment, in conjunction with genetics and the immune system, may eventually cause hair loss. This unknown environmental cause might be a sickness, chemicals, hormones, allergies, or any combination of these.

Is stress the cause of alopecia Universalis?

It has not been shown that alopecia Universalis is caused by stress. Extreme stress, in combination with heredity and immune system issues, might develop alopecia areata and Universalis. Nevertheless, no medical research has established this relationship. Telogen effluvium is a kind of hair loss induced by stress. This sort of hair loss is just transient and has nothing to do with the immune system or genetics. Telogen effluvium is typically induced by physical or mental stress, such as drugs, strict diets, emotionally stressful situations, delivery, surgery, or severe disease. The hair loss appears many months after the stressful incident and usually resolves within a few months. Telogen effluvium has nothing to do with Alopecia Universalis.

Ayurvedic hair loss and regrowth remedies

It’s all about the doshas

But, before we get into cures, it’s important to comprehend the fundamental Ayurvedic method. Everything in the cosmos, according to Ayurveda, is made up of the five elements ether, earth, water, fire, and air, as well as the three doshas Kapha, pitta, and Vata. According to Ayurvedic gurus, we may obtain dazzling health by harmonizing them throughout our bodies. Doshas appear to influence everything about us, from hair color to body shape to the kind of ailments we may develop. We often have one or two dominant doshas.

Lifestyle regimens advised by Ayurveda

Hair loss can occur for a variety of causes. According to specialists, these include weight loss, low iron levels, an erratic diet, stress, and thyroid and hormonal abnormalities. Controlling hair loss necessitates a well-functioning bodily system. In other words, we must first address the underlying reason for hair loss – we must cleanse our system from within to balance the doshas. And here is when Ayurvedic practices might come in handy.

Get up extremely early (around sunrise), ensure personal hygiene, and then consume water kept in a copper pot. Yoga and pranayama, as well as other types of exercise, are required. Include plenty of seasonal veggies and fruits in your meals.

Ayurvedic moustache hair loss treatment

There are some ayurvedic moustache hair loss treatment mention below.

Yogurt: There are no limits to the miracles that yogurt can do. It contains Vitamin D and Vitamin B5, both of which are proven to boost hair follicle health.

Jojoba: Another excellent natural substance that, when taken consistently, helps reduce hair fall. It has a lot of antifungal characteristics. Jojoba is high in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and a saturated fatty acid that fights free radicals that harm our hair. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by its use in a variety of traditional folk remedies across the world. One of the advantages of Jojoba hair oil is that it unclogs hair follicles.

Natural hair loss oils

These natural oils for reducing hair loss may be purchased from any reputable company. These might be an excellent remedy for hair loss:


Castor oil is an unsung hero in the world of hair care. For years, castor oil has been used to treat hair loss, although the attention is rarely on the hair care advantages of castor oil. Castor oil is a magical remedy for your hair since it is high in vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. Castor contains Omega 6 essential fatty acids and ricinoleic acid, which increase blood circulation to the scalp and therefore hair development. Castor oil also addresses split ends by penetrating deep into the scalp and smoothing rough hair cuticles.


Because of its astringent properties, juniper oil can give an all-natural treatment for hair loss. This oil will fortify the roots while also promoting hair growth. Using juniper oil on the scalp helps to prevent acne outbreaks on the scalp. The essential oil’s antibacterial activity reduces the growth of acne-causing germs on the scalp. It prevents pollutants from collecting inside the hair follicles by washing the scalp. However, if hair loss persists even after using these therapies, see a trichologist or a doctor.

Ayurveda holds that persons who suffer from ailments have an imbalance of primary life energy in their bodies. Once the patient begins to get therapy, the energy created in the body as a result of the restoration of biological processes to their natural condition aids in the efficient treatment of disorders. If you have a worry or a question, you may always visit a Deevyaayurveda professional and obtain answers!


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