Alopecia Universalis Ayurveda Treatment & Symptoms


Alopecia Universalis is characterised by a sudden hair loss on the whole body. It’s a type of alopecia which leads to hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows, beard, and later on involves whole body. It’s always necessary to find out the distinction between Hair loss patterns i.e Alopecia Universalis , Baldness and Alopecia Totalis. In Alopecia Areata, bald patches are seen on the scalp or beard or moustache. On the opposite hand, Alopecia Totalis refers to a complete hair loss on the scalp. The foremost aggressive condition of baldness is Alopecia Universalis, during which hair is totally lost on the whole body. Ideally, one in 4000 individuals suffers from this condition (European data). Out of all the patients suffering with alopecia areata, 7-25% will develop Alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis.

Symptoms of Alopecia Universalis

  1. During the initial stage of Alopecia Universalis , individuals start having hair fall in different parts of the body.
  2. Besides extensive hair loss on the scalp, hair might also start falling from eyebrows, beard, and other body parts.
  3. Loss of pubic and nostril hair are some other symptoms of this condition.
  4. Some patients also complain of itching on the body or scalp.
  5. Redness on the skin, leading to bald patches could be one of the Alopecia Universalis symptoms as well.
  6. Thyroid disorder and atopic dermatitis are often linked to this condition. Since it is an autoimmune disease, Alopecia Universalis symptoms might vary from one individual to another.

Alopecia universalis is an autoimmune disease characterised by hair loss can be correlated with Indralupta in Ayurveda. There are lot of Side Effects and Limitations of contemporary science due to which patients search for alternative methods of treating Alopecia universalis (Alopecia Totalis Ayurvedic Cure). In Ayurveda Many such effective and Harmless remedies are explained in Texts which are helping the patients worldwide to treat their problem safely without any adverse effect.


Today’s Modern Lifestyle, Busy schedules,  avoidance of head bath, usage of harmful shampoos, usage of Too much or Chemical based products, allergic manifestations, avoidance of Shiro (head) Abhyanga (massage) etc, leads to poor hygiene of scalp, vitiation of Dosha and causes the loss of hair (Indralupta)

Alopecia Universalis Ayurveda Treatment Methods-

Ayurveda says that the hair growth is arrested because kapha has obstructed the hair follicles. The first aim is to remove the obstruction to promote regeneration of hair follicles. This is followed by using external oil applications along with hair packs to accelerate the process of hair growth. The main aim of this whole process is to bring back the vitiated Vata And Pitta into its normal state along with removing the obstruction casued by kapha.

Some time the body remains too hot that patient always feel of heat inside the body or redness or restless. Patient always tried to stay in cool environment. In such conditions to bring the pitta in Control sarvangdhara with specific medicines are suggested to calm whole body which also help is hair growth.

For improving microcirculation to the desired area Leech therapy or Prachhan therapy or Kurcha Chikitsa is being recommended to patients.

In Leech therapy , at specific areas the leeches are applied for the specific time which helps in improving the microcirculation at the scalp area. This requires multiple sittings to see the desired results.

Prachan Therapy: In this therapy the scalp is pricked with specially designed needles after which the medicated powders or ghritas are applied over the site so that it help in clearing the obstruction along with improving the hair growth process.

Shirodhara an ancient therapy for mind and body rejuvenations help to accelerate the hair growth also. Abhyanga is performed during shirodhara

In Shirodhara Rosewater , Saffron Siddha Jal , coconut water or plain water ; black sesame oil , herbal oil , medicated milk and butter milk are the liquids that are used in this treatment . A person who is taking this treatment are required to lie down. A stream of warm herbal liquids as per the prakarti is poured over the client’s forehead because all the body nerves meet at the charka point between the eyebrows on the forehead, through mud pot or metallic pot which is about 10 cm suspended above the head of person, the medicated lukewarm oil is continuously flow on the forehead of a person at third eye for a particular time. The medicated oil runs on the scalp and into the hair of a person. The flow of warm liquids helps a person to relax completely to maintain the flow; the practitioner rotates the dhara pot. The oil is stored in bowls and it flow back into the pot for continuous circulation and later massage will be done by oil on your scalp and hair . A humid towel is used to clean the person’s body at the end and left it for some time and then hairs will be shampooed with herbal shampoo or powders of dry herbs are rubbed to clean the scalp for better hair growth .

Diet- Since Ayurveda believes our hair to be a by-product of the bone it’s essential to consume food rich in calcium. Iron, Protein is also required for better hair growth. A long side this, one ought to additionally consume foods and liquids that purify the liver and blood.

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