How To Grow Your Facial Hair Quickly – Beard Hair Loss?

Beard Hair Loss Treatment

Who doesn’t love keeping a thick beard? If you notice, beards seem to be everywhere due to multiple age factors. While some feel quite warm by keeping the beard, others’ goal is to enhance appearance and style. But, achieving quality beard/facial hair is much more of a blessing and not everyone is lucky enough. A lot of us even face trouble in growing facial hair. While it boils down to genetics, there is certain ayurvedic beard hair loss treatment to encourage overall hair growth. 

Although, there are not a certain set of reasons behind the facial hair loss problem, let’s explore a few to clear misconceptions. 

Is it because of testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that can be behind the slow beard growth concern. It happens as the level of testosterone decreases in the body. Although, the majority of men possess similar levels of testosterone. 

There can be several symptoms to characterize the low level of testosterone like: 

  • Infertility
  • Breast tissue development
  • Low muscle mass
  • Erectile dysfunction

In case none of these symptoms are available in your body, the testosterone is not behind the slow beard growth, and moustache hair loss growth treatment is not likely to help. 

Is it because of any bad skin condition?

Although rare, certain skin conditions can be blamed for the lack of facial hair growth. Alopecia, a serious skin issue can cause hair loss and balding. In case you are facing several symptoms of a skin problem, it is going to affect the facial and head hair. Simply put, you can even experience the whole body hair loss problem &  beard hair loss treatment could help. 

Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid in the body that leads to hair thinning and slow growth of the facial hair. Men around the age of 50 years usually face this problem. The pace of facial or body hair loss signifies the symptoms of low levels of iron and anemia. Seek the assistance of Deevya Ayurveda and get the effective help of moustache hair loss growth treatments. 

Is genetics behind the hair loss problem?

In general, it is a genetically inherited problem that a lot of men are not able to grow facial hair. If your father or grandfather had problems growing facial hair, there are chances of the same happening with you. Further, there are not a lot of cures available for genetic hair loss problems, but beard hair loss treatment could be helpful. Beard implants are in many talks these days but that would be the highly extreme solution for a minor slow beard growth problem. 

Do beard-boosting supplements work?

With the enhanced popularity of facial hairs, there is a lot of moustache hair loss growth to look for. Although some hair supplements emphasize providing guaranteed beard results. However, these creams and supplements have zero scientific credibility to rely on. 

On the other hand, herbal treatment is much more effective and reliable in pacing up the facial hair growth benefits. With fulfillment of all nutrients and vitamins in the body, there can be a safe and reliable beard hair loss treatment with zero side effects. These include vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A to produce thicker & healthier facial hair. 

In case you’re not able to find reliable growth in the facial, the reason can be less care for your body. Facial hair needs a healthy diet and regular sleep alongside herbal treatment. In case your body isn’t meant to grow facial hair due to a genetic disorder, the treatments are not effective at all. However, in the next section, there are some tips to boost the rate of facial growth. 

Simple Tips To Pace Up Facial Hair Growth

1. Ignore The Myths

Before getting started, clear the air and know all the myths surrounding you. For instance, some think that shaving or massaging will give a thick beard, however, any concrete proof is missing. It prevailed on the basic observation that hair is close to the skin and looks a bit thick after a shave. In reality, your razor blade is not going to help in beard growth. There can be several other such myths that need to be ignored. 

2. Patience Is Important

Lack of patience is very common in young people who face moustache hair loss growth problems. Instead of calling things off early, you need to give your beard some time. It will come full extent with a similar rate of growth and there is not much that can be done other than waiting. For first-time beard-growers, the timeline can be a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Stay away from any shaving or trimming in this period. Once it seems to have grown to the full extent, you can get a correct idea of the beard thickness. 

3. Age Factor Plays Vital Role

For a lot of individuals, the beard requires a certain age. Various beard hair loss treatments are also not going to work further unless the person has achieved the right age. Normally, the beard will start thickening in the 30s or 40s, while for some it comes a bit early in the 20s itself. Thus, if you have a patchy scruff in your 20s, no need to take any pressure as it just needs a few years to be passed. 

4. Keep Serving Nutrition To Facial Hair 

Everybody part requires certain nutrients for growth and development. The same goes with a healthy and strong beard as well. Hair is made up of protein & fat and you need to maintain both of them with moustache hair loss growth treatment. Try to intake more healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acids and eat meats, fish, eggs, nuts, and whey protein on a regular basis. 

Your body hair needs certain essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B(especially Biotin). With proper maintenance of these nutrients, you can lead to thick and stronger hair. You can find them in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables to get better results. 

5. Get Plenty of Sleep and Exercise

Testosterone plays a vital role in the growth of hair follicles and a healthy lifestyle. To maintain the testosterone level, a suitable amount of sleep is a must. In addition, you need to include the exercises in your day-to-day routine. Weight loss and training can also boost testosterone levels. Do not take more stress as it leads to reducing the testosterone levels. Simply put, the better sleep you get, the better your hair health.  

Various beard hair loss treatments suggest keeping the stress low as it can have a huge impact on hair growth. It even damages the hair and increases the hair fall frequency. Chronic stress can constrict blood vessels and tend to lose nutrients. A balanced diet will maintain the right level of nutrients in the body. Find out your skin condition and revamp your skincare routine for maximum benefits. Avoid smoking as it even boosts the frequency of losing body hair. 

6. Try Rogaine To Get Expected Results

Rogaine is one of the popular products for the beard hair loss treatment. It has shown some amazing results & even got a few complaints too. Since there are mixed results and reactions, we should explore some facts. 

It consists of the minoxidil ingredient that boosts the hair growing capacity from the hair follicles. It doesn’t mean that the product can grow hair from bald head skin. To get a quick hair growth, it is a must for hair follicles to be in place. Do not expect that the hairs will come out naturally. 

Rogaine needs some time to get long-term results. The majority of the complaints came only after a month or so. It is not going to show results unless used daily for at least three months or six months or a longer period. Simply put, use it for a decent time till you stop facing the hair fall even after stopping the moustache hair loss growth

Final Word

Growing your facial hair depends on several aspects and there is no single hard and fast method for the same. In a lot of cases, the problem of slow hair growth is due to genetics, and beard hair loss treatment methods are not very effective. However, even in such cases, with relevant measures and a healthy environment, you can achieve quick hair growth. 

For some people, moustache hair loss growth relies on a specific age number. If that seems the case, be patient and wait for a few years to visualize the change. Meanwhile, be happy with the fact that even beard or facial hair fashion keeps changing. Whoever wishes to keep the thick beard right now, might tap into the shaved smooth face after some time. 

Deevya Ayurveda Can Provide Herbal Care

While some suggest going for the beard transplant, what if we have a herbal way to cure wispy, scraggly facial thatch? Certain ways can give your facial hair a boost if it’s not related to a genetic disorder. 

Deevya Ayurveda can offer the required consultation or beard hair loss treatments to help in covering the patchy spots or thin hair. Connect with our Ayurveda expert to seek the consultation and right herbal care. 


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