Online Consultation

Keeping in mind the current scenario  DEEVYA AYURVEDA & PANCHKARMA CENTRE provides online consultancy also. You can also book appointment online to save your valuable time. Our team helps you to have one to one interaction if you feel the need to contact us online. We listen to the problems of our clients and suggest proper ways and means to solve your problems and queries. In online consultancy we give you the feel as if you are sitting in front of the doctor and we provide you assistance accordingly. Consult with our experts as easy as chatting. Our doctors give proper time to every patient and very patiently listen to the problems of the patients and suggest the ayurvedic medicines and various other ways like healthy eating habits, drinking lot of water,walk etc to lead a happy, healthy and tension free life away from diseases with the help of Ayurveda.

Book an appointment now and avail the best services of our experienced doctors. Get audio video calls with experienced doctors of our centre and get rid of problems as early as possible sitting at home and discuss your health issues instantly without any delay. So, contact us online and get rid of serious and troublesome issues to lead a healthy life

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