alopecia Totalis ayurvedic cure

A Helpful Guide To Alopecia Totalis Ayurvedic Cure

Alopecia totalis refers to a chronic condition that results in the extreme loss of hair from the scalp. There is a small percentage of the population suffering from alopecia totalis and while it may not have damaging effects on the patient’s physical health, it can affect their mental health to a great extent. The loss […]

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alopecia universalis ayurveda treatment

The Ultimate Tips For Alopecia Universalis Ayurveda Treatment

Alopecia Universalis is a hair loss condition resulting from weak follicles. It is an unexpected and unpredictable condition as sometimes, there may be hair loss in a few patches which may regrow after a while, and sometimes, it may not. Sometimes, the condition may even last for years. To reduce the effects of the condition, […]

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alopecia totalis ayurvedic cure

Get to know all about alopecia totalis ayurvedic cure

Hair follicles are mistakenly attacked by the immune system, causing them to lose hair. In order for hair to grow, hair follicles must be protected from environmental factors, and they can be attacked in many ways. There is usually no permanent damage to hair follicles when they are damaged. It is observed that hair growth […]

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acne herbal remedies

Acne herbal remedies

Herbal medicine may be traced back to ancient civilizations. It entails using plants as medicine to cure disease and improve overall health and well-being. Some plants contain potent (vital) components that should be used with caution as prescription drugs. Many pharmaceutical drugs are produced from synthetic analogs of naturally occurring plant components. A common example […]

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Psoriasis Treatment

Ultimate Guide to Psoriasis Treatment Through Ayurveda

It’s possible to manage the symptoms of psoriasis by recognizing triggers and taking steps to avoid them. Exercise, diet, and other lifestyle changes can help your body fight the condition independently. Taking action to manage Psoriasis symptoms and avoid triggers may help to prevent flare-ups. You can go for ayurvedic treatment to cure the disease.  […]

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Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis Ayurveda cure

=Seborrheic dermatitis is a common, non-infectious, and simple-to-treat skin ailment. Itchy red spots and oily scales on your skin, as well as white or yellow crusty or powdery flakes on your scalp, are symptoms of this kind of dermatitis. The “sebaceous” glands are referred to as “seborrheic,” and “derm” denotes “skin.” It’s known as “dandruff.” […]

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