moustache hairloss treatment ayurvedic

Causes of moustache hair loss and its ayurvedic treatment

Your crowning beauty may be a pain at times, particularly when it begins to thin. Watching thin strands and clutches of tangled hair in brushes might cause us to lose sleep. According to experts, unending hair loss may be incredibly unpleasant for us and have a negative psychological influence on our general well-being. One of […]

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Beard Hair Loss Treatment

How To Grow Your Facial Hair Quickly – Beard Hair Loss?

Who doesn’t love keeping a thick beard? If you notice, beards seem to be everywhere due to multiple age factors. While some feel quite warm by keeping the beard, others’ goal is to enhance appearance and style. But, achieving quality beard/facial hair is much more of a blessing and not everyone is lucky enough. A […]

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Alopecia Areata

Everything you need to know about Alopecia Areata treatment with Ayurveda

Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune condition that causes erratic hair loss. Hair usually falls out in quarter-sized areas. Most people’s baldness is restricted to a few locations, although it can be more serious in some cases. It can occasionally cause complete baldness on the scalp (alopecia totalis) or, in severe cases, the rest of […]

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dandruff herbal treatments

Dandruff Herbal Treatments: Why do we need them to deal with hair problems?

Hair thinning problems can be a serious physical and mental disorder for a lot of common people. The hair stuck in the brushes & combs are enough to give you sleepless nights. As per the experts, the relentless hair thinning issue can lead people towards frustration, distress, and various other psychological problems. So, do not […]

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Androgenic Alopecia herbal treatments

Androgenic Alopecia Herbal Treatments

Androgenic Alopecia is a problem of hair loss across the hairline and on top of head. It is common cause of hair loss in both male and female. It is mainly called male pattern baldness and in female it’s known as female pattern hair loss It is caused by 3 factors:  Testosterone ( male hormones […]

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Alopecia Universalis Ayurveda Treatment & Symptoms

Alopecia Universalis is characterised by a sudden hair loss on the whole body. It’s a type of alopecia which leads to hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows, beard, and later on involves whole body. It’s always necessary to find out the distinction between Hair loss patterns i.e Alopecia Universalis , Baldness and Alopecia Totalis. In […]

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