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What is HIV??

HIV is a lentiretro virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is a condition in which Immune system of the body is attacked by the HIV viruses which damages specific immune system cells ultimately leading to collection of symptoms and many opportunistic infections (Gastrointestinal tract infections, fever, respiratory, skin infections ) in humans which lastly ends with death.

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Symptoms of HIV

* Swollen lymphatic glands in throat, armpit or groin.
* Mild fever
* Headache
* Fatique
* Muscle aches

These symptoms may last for only few weeks and later there are usually no HIV infected symptoms for many years.

Ayurvedic View of Hiv

The immune system of human body in Vedic texts is comparable with “OJA”. This OJA is responsible for preventing contagious and communicable disease. OJA is considered as the essence at the best part of all the seven Dhatus. Once the OJAKSHAYA (reduction in OJA) happens in the body, the disease fighting ability of the body gets reduced which can be compared with HIV / AIDS.

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